Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Caught Up!

Edit: actually there is one more to go, ha! good thing you're on top of things Heather ;)
We are finally caught up with posting all the recipes from our past cooking parties! A HUGE thanks to Heather for typing them all up and to all the girls for digging up your recipes and sending them to her!
Our next party is coming up again soon so I'm excited to document one in pictures! (don't worry girls we can still wear our comfies!)
Curious if anyone has tried any of the recipes, either frozen or fresh; what did you think?


Rachael said...

I made Chicken Lasagna for a friend after she had her baby. She ate one fresh and froze the other. She loved it and asked for the recipe! I'll be trying more soon.

phgeerlings said...

oops - i'm slacking - one more to go :) #8!

Janis Verhage said...

I have made the tater tot casserole and the pizza casserole. Both were yummy. I didn't freeze them, just cooked everything, mixed it up and threw it in the oven to warm it and melt the cheese. I plan to make more of both and freeze them. There are so many more on this blog that I want to try.