Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Party #17

Last week we attended our #17 freezer meal cooking party! We decided to free up our options and forgo a theme this time. We had a new cook join us, we are happy to have you Stefanie!
We're missing a couple pictures, our photographer, Susanne, was kept busy with all the hosting duties but trust me, all the meals look wonderful!
Our next party will be in June and we'll be doing things a little differently due to busy schedules during the Summer weekends. Instead of getting together to assemble the meals, we'll be preparing our own meals at home and just doing an exchange on a week day. We'll still be sharing recipes but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the ones from our last party!

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I came across your blog a few days ago. I was searching freezer meals for my next freezer meal gathering. I just tried the baked ziti it was amazing!! Next on the menu is the broccoli and chicken foil packets. Thanks for the great recipes. :)